Vegetation and Boundary Clearance for Balvac

Boundary clearance & de-vegetation for Balvac

Balvac Ltd. contracted us to undertake boundary clearance and de-vegetation at Mosedale Viaduct, Mosedale, Troutbeck in March 2009.

The job took 3 days and involved tree felling and tree removal to clear a 5m radius boundary around the viaduct. We used an under bridge work unit to access the bridge to perform vegetation clearance.

Tree branches were broken down into woodchip, and timber was recycled to firewood. All available to order from our shop.

  • Tree Felling

    Controlled dismantle & removal of a diseased Maple tree in Keswick Park.

  • Site Clearance

    Clearing wind blown trees and coppicing for Lake District National Park.

  • Boundary Clearance

    Vegetation and boundary clearance at Mosedale Viaduct for Balvac Ltd.

  • Tree Rigging

    Controlled tree felling of 6 Oak trees on steep banking in Braithwaite.

  • Domestic Tree Felling

    Domestic tree felling under taken in Threlkeld, Cumbria.

  • On-site Timber Milling

    Our onsite mobile sawmill turning a felled tree into usable timber beams.

  • Timber Fencing

    Removal of vegetation and construction of timber fence.

  • Emergency Call Out

    Emergency call out to clear fallen Oak branch for Lake District National Park.

  • Tree Dismantle

    Difficult dismantle of a Silver Birch above a greenhouse and vegetable patch.

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