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1m³ dumpy bag £20 Out of stock
2m³ dumpy bag £40 Out of stock
4m³ tipper load £80 £60 Out of stock

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Delivery: within an 15 mile radius of Keswick, Cumbria

We can also supply fresh or rotted down Woodchip produced as a by product during Arbor-tec Tree Care’s day-to-day tree surgery and site clearance operations.

Fresh Woodchip can be purchased and used immediately for equestrianism use, woodland rides and footpaths.

Rotted woodchip or woodchip mulch is turned regularly and composted for a period of around 6 months. Woodchip mulch is sold for use in horticulture and has various benefits to plants including prevention of weeds, reducing competition for light and water, reducing moisture loss and insulating the soil against frost. Woodchip mulch is a cheaper alternative to bark.

Arbor-tec Tree Care always have a good supply of composted woodchip in the yard. It can be purchased in varying quantities from 1 cubic meter upwards. Loads can either be delivered or picked up from the yard (by prior appointment). A minimum quantity of 1 cubic applies (sufficient to cover approx 10m² at 100mm/4" or 20m² at 50mm/2").

Arbor-Tec Tree Care is an environmentally friendly company and we make it our policy to recycle and re-use as much timber, logs and woodchip as possible.


We can deliver within a 15 mile radius of Keswick, Cumbria. Will travel further for large loads. Enquire for details and availability.

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